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We are a full service grooming salon offering individual attention to every pet and pet parent that walks in the door.  We would love the opportunity to provide you and your four-legged family members the best service possible.  We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment.  The health and safety of your furry friends is our first priority.  

Specialty Services Available

We offer a variety of specialty services as well as our regular services.  These specialty services include: Cat grooming, breed specific styles, hand scissoring and hand stripping.


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Toy Poodle 

Sasha is a toy poodle sporting her new style.  She is in a continental cut.  After her day at the spa was complete she pranced around like a proud poodle.  She knew she was beautiful!

Sierra - Husky

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As you can see, Sierra is in desperate need of a grooming.

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What a difference a good bath and brush out will make.

Tinkerbell aka Tank

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Tank was brought in a greasy mess.  Cats are naturally greasy animals.  She went home looking very beautiful after her bath and deshed services.

Sam - Bichon Frise

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This is Sam before his day at the spa.  He was in pretty good shape because his mom makes sure he is brushed daily.

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Here he is after his style was completed. He was hand scissored to his mom's preferences.

Ripley - Irish Terrier  -  Handstripped

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Image description


Ripley needed to be handstripped to keep  the correct coat color and texture for his breed 


I think he looks pretty good!

What people are saying about us:

“Pet Palace is the best! I found Karla when I was in dire need of a groomer who could handle the special needs of my dogs. I have 2 rescues and tons of bad experiences with groomers! This is not your ordinary ‘car wash for dogs’ establishment! I was impressed with Karla from the first grooming. She pays special attention to the needs of each dog with her knowledge and experience and handles them with the care and calmness they need. Plus, she listens to me. My dogs require a bit different type of grooming than her usual beautiful results with her regular breeds. The amazing thing is that they still come out looking like beautiful dogs, I get lots of compliments, even from my vet....she is so talented!


And, when we get home I continue to see her work—the dogs are not miserable and itchy, I no longer have to give them something for the ‘day after the groomer aches’ because she has given them a positive experience—not a ‘one fits all’ wash and cut where hurried groomers tend to slip and you only notice when you get home that your dog looks like it’s been through a war, along with nicks or cuts in tender places. After almost 3 years with Karla, I can say she really IS the best! “




"I want everyone to know that Karla is the best! We have a dog with special needs (skin allergies, environmental allergies, anxiety) and have tried a variety of groomers. The owner has such a calming affect on our dog - I have never seen anyone able to keep him so mellow. He actually runs over to see her when we walk in the door. I call her West Fargo's own dog whisperer! We are always happy with the service we receive. The owner has shared information about natural products and aromatherapy that really work to calm our nervous dog. We appreciate the time she takes with our pets and we bring all 3 of our dogs there and they love the Pet Palace!!"

                                                         -Joni N., West Fargo 

"Very Knowledgeable! The owner of Pet Palace is very easy to talk with and has a ton of knowledge about dogs and other animals. She knows how to make animals comfortable and my dog has enjoyed every experience going there. She is very considerate and always asks for the customer's preference when grooming. A great place to take your best furry friend! :)"

                                                                     -Amy K., Fargo




"Pet Palace is the best!!!!!! She always does everything we ask her to do, I completely trust her with our dogs and know they will look spectacular when I pick them up. I would never go to any other groomer!! They have always been so helpful, knowledgable and respectful. Pet Palace is the place to go if you want your dog to look and feel their best!!!!!!!!! "

                                                             -Pat O., West Fargo



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These are my miniature Dachshunds, Sam, Sierra and Simon.  They are my babies.  They are quite stubborn, but very sweet!

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